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What is Carrom Pool Game? Everything You Need To Know

Carrom pool game is not a recent game it is a very old game. The origin of carrom pool game is South Asia but it was much popular in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, and many surrounding areas too.

It is not only played by children but also by families at their functions. Every game has rules to play.

These rules may variate from place to place or region to region. This game can be played by only by two people or you can double means four people.

Carrom pool is a very interesting game that is similar to table shuffleboard or billiards. You can play this game using your fingers and striker or a pool cue too.


There are many things to know before you go to play the game. Before you are going to play this game make sure that you know the things used in it well or not.

A carrom pool board is a large wooden board that has a different type of markings. You should first make sure that you know the meaning of those markings.

It’s very mandatory to understand the board to play the game effectively.

You should have to place the carrom pool board above the ground almost 50 to 70 centimeters.

On the board, there are two foul markings and two concentric circles stand in the middle of the board.

The main circle is always six times larger and central circle is of the size equal to the playing piece.

While you are going to play or start the game you have to arrange the pieces in these circles.

The carrom board does not only contains a circle but also rectangles on either side of the board.

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Carrom Pool

The player has to firstly decide his or her rectangle and shoot the striker from these rectangles.

Now move to the pieces of the carrom pool board.

You should know about the importance or significance of every single piece used in the carrom pool game.

As I have already told that there are 9 black pieces, 9 white pieces, and one red piece sometime red is considered as “queen”, in addition to these pieces there are two pieces called as striker pieces.

Every striker is given 9 pieces with a single striker.

One will have p pieces of the same color may be black or may he/ she chooses white. We sometimes call these pieces as carrom men.

In each round, the player has to attempt to use the striker you have given at start to knock these pieces into the board’s pockets.

The queen in the red can be pocketed any time after sinking your first piece.

Sometimes a situation arises that you have less than 24 points, then the queen will add an additional 5 more points to your scores points but when you have more than 24 points, then you will not be given with extra or more points to pocket the queen.

Question & Answer

Here’s a question that how will you have to set up the board for playing the game?

The answer is explained below: for starting the game you have to place the queen in the carrom pool board’s center.

Next, you have put the six pieces around that queen in the circle.

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Place the pieces in such a way that all pieces touch the queen in the center and all the pieces placed next to others also.

After placing those six pieces you have to place remaining pieces around the circle in such a manner that outer one touches the inner ones.

It also means that the circle should have a red piece in the middle followed by a black piece, which is followed by a red piece, and so on till the end.

How to place the strikers?

You and your opponent have to place their strikers in the rectangular boundaries on the ends of the carrom board.

The game is played by two or maybe some time in groups.

In both of these situations, the opponents have to sit opposite to each other.

You will play well only when you have a grip on the striker so you should practice much that you can play well.

As you know that striker that is used for shooting the piece into the pocket is heavier.

It is very necessary that when you are going to play the game that you have a grip or it may be possible that you are new to the game.

Before going to play the game practice a little to grip the striker and hitting the striker.

Instead of pushing the striker firstly make sure that you do not have to strike, just have to flick it.

Grips to hit the striker:

  • Scissors grip
  • Straight grip

Scissors grip: the scissor shot is less commonly used but using it is not uncomfortable.

How you can make a scissor grip?

Carrom Pool 1024x576 - What is Carrom Pool Game? Everything You Need To Know
Carrom Pool

You can make scissor grip by placing your hand sideways on the board, in such a way that your ring finger and your pinky finger are pressed on the board.

After then you would hold your middle finger backward with the index finger, so these two fingers are at a roughly perpendicular angle with pinky and ring finger.

By releasing your middle finger, a shot is made causing it to snap forward and hit the striker.

Straight grip: the most commonly used grip is actually straight grip. It is easier one especially for new players of the beginners.

You can make a straight grip by holding your hand palm side down and rest your fingertips very lightly on the carrom pool board.

You would hold your index finger just behind the piece and make your shot by just flicking your finger.

For more control hold your striker between your thumb and your third finger to position it before flicking it.

Before going to play both players have to determine who will play first and break the circle.

Most of the time in such a case a coin flip is used to determine who goes first, but there are no strict rules for it.

It is not necessary that you have to coin flip for determining who will play first.

You can also use other techniques for it like tallest will play first or oldest one play first.

After you have decided that who will play first then the player has to break the circle in the middle by taking the first shot with his or her striker.

In any case, the player gets a piece does not in the pocket in his or her first shot.

However, then that player will continue to take more turns until he or she fails to pocket a piece. 

After taking your shot you must have to return to your rectangle.

Carrom Pool APK

At the beginning of this game, the player has no idea of which color of the piece is his or her so this is determined after the first shot.

The first player has to pocket pieces of the same color throughout which he or she has shot at the beginning.

After the first shot does not stop. Continue playing until the result of the first round you got.

The round of a carrom pool ends when one player pockets all of his or her pieces, and also pocketed the queen.

You have to play around until one player has reached 29 points.

Always remember that one player can only shoot the striker from within his or her boundary.

When you pocket a piece, then you have to continue again. You have the choice to shoot the striker again and again until you fail to pocket.

Carrom Pool Game

You have not only to follow the rules of striker or carrom men but also follow some rule while playing of queen that is in red.

The queen is always pocketed at the end of the round.

A player is given the opportunity to a pocket or covers the queen.

Pocketing the queen is considered to be covering the queen by following the rules of the game.

Under certain situations, you can only pocket the queen but you can not cover the queen in such circumstances queen will be returned to the carrom pool board.

Further is that you can also not pocket a queen till you have pocketed one piece in your color.

Before pocketing any piece you pocket the queen you have to return back to board.

But when you have pocketed your one piece then you have successfully covered the queen.

In these circumstances, the queen will not be returned to the board and you may get some points at the end of the round.

The game consists of some types of equipment.

First one is a board that is made of plywood that is of many different sizes.

The next one is carrom pool men that are basically small wooden or plastic discs.

These are named differently such as coins, pawns, pucks or seeds.

A carrom set consists of 19 pieces in three different colors.

Two colors show the player and one the queen. The colors are black, red, and white.

White is for players and red for queen usually.

The striker is a piece that is used to push or shoot the carrom pool men and the queen across the board into the pockets.

The most important disk is the queen that is in red. While playing the queen is placed in the center.

In carrom pool game we use powder. The powder is fine-grained that enables the pieces to slide easily on the board.

The boric acid powder is used as a powder in the game. Before starting a game usually, toss is done the same is done in a caroom pool game. The winner of the toss strike first.

The first strike is an opening strike. The first strike is made with white one by the player and the opponent play with black.

By the first turn, the player is given with three attempts.

Foul is wrong to strike.

In which situations strike can be a foul:

The striker is pocketed.

  • That you accidentally pocket a striker.
  • If you knock your striker or any other piece of the board.
  • That you pocket your opponent piece it is also considered to be foul.
  • If you touch any piece beside your striker.
  • The player disobeys the rules for striking.
  • A new piece or striker leaves the board.
  • The player may touch any piece, other than a striker.
  • You can penalize the player for the fouls.
  • That can penalize the player by returning a piece in the pocket on the board back.
  • You have to be very conscious so that your any shot can’t be considered as foul.

Carrom pool Ideas

You have to continue to play the round until one player has pocketed all of his or her pieces from the board.

When a player pockets his or her all pieces will win the round and awarded with points.

Keep one thing in your mind that around will not be completed until the queen is present on the board.

To conclude the round the queen either be pocketed or covered by the player.

You can score by counting the number of pieces on the board your opponent have.

It is very easy supposed your opponent has 7 pieces remaining on the board you can score as 7.

The rounds in the game are not already determined. You simply have to play until a player hits 29 points.

You have to add a score from every round. The game will be ended when the player has 29 points or more.

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