Carrom Board Game rules

Carrom Board Game Rules (How to Play on Android, iOS, PC)

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Carrom Pool Guides. Today’s lesson is to understand the rules of the Carrom Board Game. In this post, you’ll learn How to play Carrom Board Game on Android, iOS, PC, etc. First of all, you must know about the game how is it in looking? if you read this post with whole heatedly so, I hope you’ll be a player of Carrom Board Game. Miniclip developed this game for entertainment. About 325,231 peoples have downloaded this game on their mobile. Still, you are waiting to download the game.

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You may get MOD APK or hacked version of Carrom Board Game from this site. You have to follow Carrom Board Game rules to win any challenge though with your friend or carrom opponents. This one has one of the easy rules to play carroms instead of other carrom games.

Carrom Board Game Rules:

Now, we have two games of carroms both are same but there is little bit change in MOD. You’ll know after downloading from here. Both rules are same but when you will play simple so, you will feel heinous to play simple carroms. You will want to play mod apk on your mobile or pc.

Carrom Board Game Rules for Android:

download 1 1 - Carrom Board Game Rules (How to Play on Android, iOS, PC)
  • Open your disc carrom pool on your Android
  • Watch the tutorials which they are showing
  • After watching the tutorials, go to the home of disc carrom pool
  • Click on play carroms
  • Choose your prize how many do you want to win? then click on that
  • Wait for your opponents
  • Now, your match will start
  • Drop the carrom in the pocket through some lines
  • Each pocket will have a line. Means there are four lines on the board
  • Press on the white carrom and get back to you
  • Select any black carrom to drop on the pocket
  • During throwing the carrom to the pocket you must remember the four lines outside of the pocket
  • Through four lines your carrom can go to direct in the pocket without any stops
  • Then you have to drop each black carrom to the pocket
  • I hope you will be the winner of that match
  • You are Winner

Carrom Board Game Rules for iOS

Many rules are same as Android but otherwise there are some others. Those are very difficult to understand in iOS.

  • Low FPS and not 720 HD graphic
  • Bad controls
  • Carroms are very slippy
  • White carrom are also too slippy
  • Small pockets for dropping the carroms
  • Can’t play high challenge with your friends

Carrom Board Game Rules for PC:

On the pc, there is completely change means many rules are same as Android. You can play Carrom Board Game on PC during playing the game you will remember 8 Ball Pool. It’s rules are completely same as 8 Ball Pool. So let’s see

  • It is more loaded on pc than android
  • No white carrom’s control
  • White or Black carrom can come in your part in the match
  • Many awards you can get
  • You can buy just white carrom not others
  • Much enjoyment is present
  • Can’t play with your friends

Final Words:

I hope these are rules are correct and you have read all rules. If you didn’t read so, you must read to become a good player of this game. Thanks for coming here to read the rules of Carrom Board Game. If you don’t MOD APK file so, you may download from this page the download link is after second paragraph.


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